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Tems Goes viral After Wearing Enormous Headpiece Gown At The Oscar: The Most ‘Selfish Gown’ Of The Year 

Tems Goes viral After Wearing Enormous Headpiece Gown At The Oscar: The Most ‘Selfish Gown’ Of The Year 

The Singer And Songwriter Tems Went Viral After Wearing A Giant Headpiece Gown At The 2023 Oscar Ceremony, Which Is Now Called The Most Selfish Gown Ever.

In the 2023 Oscar Ceremony, the Nigerian singer-songwriter wears an incredibly amazing white gown however her gown appeared to make some difficulties for other celebs who sat behind her. In the live streaming of the 95 Academy Awards, the co-writer of Rihana’s  Academy Award-nominated song Lift Me Up, got numerous people’s attention after wearing a bizarre choice of clothing.

The 27-year-old singer has become the public eye, and people are not getting tired of talking about her peculiar amazing gown, which blocked people from looking at the stage due to its enormous headpiece.

Caption: Tems At 95 Academy Awards (Source: Daily Mail)

The Free Mind singer attracts the media’s attention at the oscar by wearing a long beautiful one-shoulder white gown that has a giant piece of net fiber covering her head. She looks incredibly amazing in the white gown while she poses showing her one bare leg. The singer had put on a pair of beautiful silver high heels and also had painted her toes nails in white to match the dress.

For the Accessories, she had put on silver bracelets, several stunning rings on her fingers, and a couple of earing including a pair of long silver earrings. Tems’s sparkling white shadows with thick eyelashes and sparkling lip glosses make her look more gorgeous.

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The incredible award ceremony took place on Sunday evening at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California where numerous people were watching the grand award ceremony from their homes. The viewers find it a little difficult to see the people who were sitting behind the singer due to her huge gown’s headpiece and start making memes about her gown on the internet. After people saw her photographer sitting in the audience, they found it a little hilarious as well as weird and started criticizing her gown.

One tweet referring to her dress saying

‘What people sitting behind Tems are seeing,’

Another wrote by adding her photographs sitting in the audience

‘Imagine scoring an invite to the Oscars and discovering your seat is behind [Tems].’

Another wrote

‘POV: You’re sitting behind Tems watching the Oscars,

People did not stop making jokes about her dress, and some of those tweets are

“Yo, what the f**k is Tems wearing? She getting married at the after parties? She’s blocking everyone’s view.’

‘I can’t help but laugh because every time I see Tems I know them people behind her are SICK,’

‘If I was sitting behind Tems I would be pissed. Oscars needs to enforce a dress code after this year for a mess like that,’ raged someone else.

‘I know whomever is behind Tems is mad as Hell,’

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