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American baritone vocalist & Songwriter Otis Williams had 3 Unsuccessful Marital Life with 3 Wives-A detailed information about his Married Life! Is he Currently Single?

American baritone vocalist & Songwriter Otis Williams had 3 Unsuccessful Marital Life with 3 Wives-A detailed information about his Married Life! Is he Currently Single?

American baritone vocalist, songwriter, and record producer, Otis Williams married three times during his Lifetime. Josephine Rogers is his first Spouse, they are married in 1961 and divorced in 1964. Similarly, Otis Williams formerly married Ann Cain (1967-1973), and Arleata “Goldie” Williams ( 1983 -1997). Otis Williams has a son Otis Williams III, and a daughter, model Elan Carter.

Is Otis Williams currently Married?

In terms of his personal life, Williams had three marriages. He married for the first time in 1961 with his first spouse, Josephine Rogers, and divorced in 1964. They had a son named Otis Williams III. He also had a romantic relationship with Petti LaBelle. Then, from 1967 to 1973, Williams was married to Ann Cain.

He married Arleata Williams in 1983, but they divorced in 1997. Elan Carter, Arleta Williams’ daughter, became Playboy’s Playmate in June 1994. Similarly, Williams did not decide to remarry soon after his three marriages turned unsuccessful.

Otis Williams and his 1st Spouse Josephine Rogers-Married Life

Otis Williams married Josephine Rogers in 1961. They dated for a while after meeting and ultimately decided to marry. Otis proposed to Josephine, and she accepted.

The lovebirds were married in a lovely ceremony attended by family, loved ones, and friends. They married somewhere. Williams’ first wife was Josephine. Everything was going well for the couple, so they decided to start a family.

The couple was blessed with a child named Otis Lamont Miles. Otis Lamont was born the same year his parents married, in 1961. He used to work in construction. Sadly, He passed away in 1983 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He tragically died after falling off a building while working. He died when he was 22 years old. According to some accounts, he died on August 8, 1985, at the age of 24.

Otis Williams
Caption: Otis Williams (Photo: Frank Beacham)

Josephine and Otis divorced after three years of marriage. In the year 1964, they divorced. Rogers has remained out of the public eye since her divorce. We don’t know if she remarried or had children.

The location of Josephine Rogers is unknown. She has been kept out of the spotlight and has not been in the news recently. She has led a private life, and her personal information is rare on the Internet. It is unknown whether she is still alive.

Otis Williams & his 2nd Spouse Ann Cain- Married Life

After his first marriage turned unsuccessful, Otis Williams married Ann Cain in 1967. The couple dated for about 1 year after getting together in 1966. They stayed together for 6 years and they got separated in the year 1973.

Ann Cain has lived a private life and preferred to disclose any details about herself. Her age and birth date are unknown. Ann’s educational background, work, family, and other information are likewise kept private.

Otis Williams & his Third  Spouse Arleata “Goldie” Williams- Married Life

In 1983, Otis Williams married his third wife, Arleata “Goldie” Williams. The duo married in a private wedding ceremony performed in the United States. According to sources, the couple dated for a year before marrying between 1982 and 1983.

Otis and Arleata were married for fourteen years before divorcing in 1997 due to “irreconcilable conflicts” in their marriage. Arleata and Otis had left. And, although Arleata Williams remained out of the spotlight.

Arleata ‘Goldie’ Williams was born in her native United States of America. Arleata is a naturalized citizen of the USA. Arleata Carter didn’t want fame, yet it came anyhow. And, because stardom was never her thing, she began living a more quiet life once she and her partner, Williams, split up in 1997.

Regarding, her early life, educational background, and work have remained unknown in this regard. At the very least, she holds an Elementary School Graduate Certificate and a High School Diploma.

Otis Williams
Caption: Otis Williams’s stepdaughter, actress Elean Carter (Photo: IMDb)

They don’t have any children together, but on July 3, 1969, Arleata Goldie Williams gave birth to her first and only kid from a prior love connection, whom she called Elean Carter. She was married to Carter, and following her marriage to Otis, Otis became Elean Carter’s stepfather.

Elan Carter is a model and actress from Nutley, New Jersey. She was named Playmate of the Month in the June 1994 issue of Playboy magazine. She was born in Nutley, New Jersey, in the United States of America, on July 3, 1969.

Elean Williams has modeled for many major brands and appears in numerous magazine publications. In the early 1990s, she was named Playmate of the Month by Playboy Magazine for its June 1994 issue. Elan has since appeared in other Playboy Magazine videos.

Otis Williams’s Past Relationship with Girlfriends

Otis Williams was involved in at least one relationship. Not much is known about Williams’s previous relationships and companions. While determining who Joe is dating is typically straightforward, keeping track of all his love affairs, hookups, and breakups is more complicated.

Williams engaged Patti LaBelle. Patti LaBelle is also recognized as the “Godmother of Soul”. Patti LaBelle is a Grammy-winning singer, actress, and author who rose to prominence in the entertainment world. Throughout her five-decade career in music, she had multiple hits as a singer with the band Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles and as a solo artist.

Otis Williams
Caption: Patti LaBelle and Otis Williams (Photo: Smooth)

Otis Williams and Patti LaBelle engaged in 1964, shortly after Otis divorced his first wife, Josephine Rogers. Otis and Patti’s engagement lasted just a year when Patti called it quits. Patti called it quits because she was afraid Otis would force her to go to Detroit.

During their engagement, Otis recommended that Patti relocate to Detroit. He also requested that she give up her singing profession and become a housewife. After this, Patti realized that her relationship with Otis was doomed. She stated that she is “happy” she “didn’t marry” Otis.

Patti LaBelle told OWN,

“I ended up seeing Otis, and we ended up becoming engaged” . ”I think I was more in love with The Temptations than Otis Williams, who was a very sweet man. They were big at that time, you know, and sometimes you get a little celebrity crazy, and I think I was in that category.”

Patti LaBelle added,

“I said very nicely, ‘The engagement is off. I have to sing for the rest of my life. If they weren’t paying me, I have to sing. That’s how it is with me’. “ I still really care for him very much. … But I’m glad I didn’t marry you, boo boo.”

After that, in 1969, Patti LaBelle married her manager, Armstead Edwards. The couple had three children together and had been married for around 30 years. Patti and Armstead called it quits in 2000, separated, and subsequently divorced.

Similarly, Otis Williams formerly married Josephine Rogers (1961-1964), Ann Cain (1967-1973), and Arleata “Goldie” Williams ( 1983 -1997). He has a son Otis Williams III, and a daughter, model Elan Carter.

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Faqs of Joe Walsh

Who is Otis Williams?

Otis Williams is a well-known American baritone vocalist. He is also a songwriter and record producer.

Is Otis Williams currently married?

No, he is currently single.

Did Otis Williams have children?

Otis Williams has a son Otis Williams III, and a daughter, model Elan Carter.

Does Otis Williams have a son?

Otis Williams had a son named Otis Lamont Williams. He died in 1983, in Detroit, Michigan.

Who is Otis Williams’s Daughter?

Elan Carter is Otis Williams’s stepdaughter. Elan Carter is a model and actress from Nutley, New Jersey.