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MrBeast Faces Online Criticism For Blind Surgery Video: Is This Really A Charity Porn?

MrBeast Faces Online Criticism For Blind Surgery Video: Is This Really A Charity Porn?

World’s Greatest YouTuber MrBeast Is facing Numerous Online Criticism After Uploading The Video of Curing 1000 Blind People By Paying For Sight-Restoring Cataract Surgery, Where The Video Reaches Over 71 Million Views In Four Days. 

The 24-Years-Old YouTuber whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson Made a video of curing 1000 blind people, where he films every patient’s reaction when they see the world for the first time. The video which was posted on Jan 28 riches over 71 million views in a few days. People started criticizing his works from different opinions while some people accused his altruistic works by calling it “charity porn.”

Caption: MrBeast and Dr. Jeff (Source: Instagram)

After getting exhausted from online criticism Donaldson responds to the hate comment via a tweet.

MrBeast Tweeted on Jan 30

Caption: MrBeast helps 1000 blind People to get eye surgery (Source: Instagram)

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The American YouTuber responded to the online criticism by saying that the video was made purely for financial gain while the “average MrBeast video lost $1,500,000 last year.” MrBeast also added that the video did ‘raise awareness” among people.

MrBeast, The world greatest YouTuber who has 131 million subscribers on his Youtube channel apparently stated that he did not expect that so many people would watch this video.

The more people watch his videos, the more he gets into online criticism, while some are in his support where some are in his against.

Caption: MrBeast helps 1000 blind People to get eye surgery (Source: Instagram)

Some people gave their opinions by saying he should not use his money to solve wider problems of the society where he was using  $3,500 for the surgery per eye, as to

The president of the National Federation of the Blind of the UK,  Andrew Hodgson stated to the BBC Newsbeat

“Anything that puts a spotlight on such treatable eye conditions like cataracts and provides funding for people to undergo surgery to restore their sight should be welcomed.

Hodgson added

“Why would anybody criticise this work and raising awareness of it through film and social media channels?”

Caption: MrBeast helps 1000 blind People to get eye surgery (Source: Instagram)

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Apart from this, A spokesperson for Sightsavers which is an International charity added

“they were encouraged to see the subject of the global eye health burden being raised to a large public audience”

Sightsavers’s  Spokesperson continued by telling how eye health was a forgotten topic when it comes to a global health conversation.

“Eye health is often a forgotten topic when it comes to global health conversations, but eye health equals opportunity, allowing children to learn and adults to earn,”

A tweeter user writes how the MrBeast video helped to highlight the problem in the society

“the fact it took charity for these people to get help highlights the problem”

On the other hand, another tweeted by Calling his work a Charity Porn

“paying for 1000 blind people to have eye surgery is a nice thing to do, but using that act of generosity into content turns it into a tacky and tasteless act of charity porn”

Caption: MrBeast helps 1000 blind People to get eye surgery (Source: Instagram)

ophthalmologist Dr. Jeff Levinson disclosed in the interview with MrBeast

“half of all the blindness in the world is people who need a 10 minute surgery”

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Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast ) is best recognized for his charity work videos and he is doing this in every video, where he pays for people’s college fund, provides food, plants 20,000,000 Trees, gives away his money and car as gifts, and many more. To be fair he has used some of his money on unnecessary things which can cause problems in society however he is doing more great altruistic works than that.

MrBeast helps 1000 blind People to get eye surgery

According to the NHS, over 2 million people are living with sight loss in the UK, where 340,000 are reported as blind. The people who had received surgery with the help of MrBeast get emotional when they see the world again. As well as Dr. Jimmy Donaldson and MrBeast also get emotional by watching their reactions.

“I didn’t think I was ever going to see again,”

One patient says in the video, who has previously worked as a cashier but had to stop after his sight loss became so advanced.