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Kylie Jenner Ultra-Realistic Lion Head Outfit Looks At Paris Fashion Week: PETA “No Animals Were Harmed”

Kylie Jenner Ultra-Realistic Lion Head Outfit Looks At Paris Fashion Week: PETA “No Animals Were Harmed”

Kylie Jenner’s Ultra-Realistic Lion Head Outfit Look On Paris Fashion Week Caught Everyones Attentions On the Runway. Several Controversies and Conflicts Were Immersed Due To Her Ultra-Realistic Lion Head, Where People Assume It As a Real Lions Head. However, The Fashion Designer Says “No Animals Were Harmed”

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Caption: Kylie Jenner Look at Paris Fashion Week (Source: The Guardian)


After Seeing Kylie Jenner’s Bold Stunning Look on the Schiaparelli’s Pairs Fashion Week social media users appeared to be mistaken for Ultra-Realistic Lion Head on her shoulder as a real piece of taxidermy.

Schiaparelli’s creative designer, Daniel Roseberry was the designer of the unique and mindblowing outfit worn by Kylie Jenner. Schiaparelli’s Paris Fashion week started with a roar when the Kardashians star appeared with her gorgeous as well as scary look.

Daniel Roseberry’s creative dress previously appeared on the runway, wearing different models with different designs. The fashion designer reveals on Instagram, how the Crazy realistic-looking outfit was made.

Roseberry’s said it was made of

“foam, wool, and silk faux fur, and hand-painted to look as life-like as possible.”

The designer also added by saying to make it clear abundantly


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Caption: Kylie Jenner Look at Paris Fashion Week (Source: People)

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The Kylie Cosmetic founder uploaded her Paris fashion Week’s bold look on her Instagram account on Thursday with the caption writing “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.”

The mother of two also added by thanking the designer for the outfit

“thank you @danielroseberry and @schiaparelli for such a special morning. wow, I loved wearing this faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials. beautiful beautiful ??”

Moreover, in the comment box of her post, her mother Kris Jenner wrote

“My little lioness ? you are so beautiful ?”

Her post has reached 8,203,747 likes in one day where some people admired her outfit while others are debating for animal rights by misleading her outfit as a real piece of taxidermy.

Besides this, in the comment of Schiaparelli’s official Instagram post, a person writes talking about animal protection while humans are ruining wild animal’s life to fulfill their own luxurious selfish desire.

“We have to stop showing animals as luxury ‘products’. They may be made from foam but these are endangered species that have historically been killed for their pelts to be turned into garments.” A commentor Writes on Schiaparelli’s Instagram page.

Caption: Schiaparelli Fashion Models

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The Famous fashion house was established in 1927 by  Elsa Schiaparelli, who was a 20th centuries fashion designer from Italian aristocratic background. Schiaparelli’s fashion started with knitwear at first and slowly flourished with surrealism and eccentric fashions. The brand had used original animal skin and furs for its creative design in its heyday though later in 2012 the house subsequently eschewed real fur.