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Kristen Stewart Braless Red Carpet Looks On Sheer Chanel Dress

Kristen Stewart Braless Red Carpet Looks On Sheer Chanel Dress

Kristen Stewart Wears A Stunning Sheer Chanel Dress Without A Bra On The Red Carpet Of The Golden Bear Award Ceremony. 

The Twilight Star always succeeds to amaze her fans with her unique looks while she never follows the fashion rules and always comes up with her own unique style. In 2022 Kristen Stewartbreak a record by wearing Hot Pants in the Wild Oscar Award Ceremony. Likewise, On the 2016s red carpet show, she showed up wearing pair of a blue Converse sneakers with her stunning white couture gowns.

Kristen Stewart
Caption: Kristen Stewart 2022 Oscar Red Carpet Look (Source: The Cut)

Likewise, the 32-year-old actress again showed up with her amazing looks in a Sheer Shanel Balck Dress at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival. Her outfit features an amazing black oval-neck sheer gown that has mesh fabric long-sleeves. Her whole outfit gives the vibe of her memorable character as vampire Bella Shawn in Twilight. The actress doesn’t wear any bra underneath the sheer ankle-length channel gown.

Kristen Stewart
Caption: Kristen Stewart 2023 Red Carpet Look (Source: In Style)

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To be clear she was naked on the top and just net fabric had covered her upper body while on the bottom she had put on a high-waisted brief. On the Sheer dree, there were two pockets, made out of thicker yarn and seemed to be knitted, which were covering her nipple area.

Gown’s border parts like sleeves, neckline and buttons line were knitted with thicker yarn to give the dress a perfect shape, which also helps to hold the net fabric properly. Stunning golden buttons were placed on the border and on Two pockets.

The Spencer alum keeps the grunge vibes while giving her choppy mullet tousled waves style and leaving baby hairs on the front. Apart from this, her exaggerated red shadow eye makeup on her stunning green eyes gives a more powerful look.

Kristen Stewart
Caption: Kristen Stewart 2023 Red Carpet Look (Source: In Style)

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The seven-time MTV Award-winning actress was assigned as the Jury President at Berlin Film Festival. The actress expressed in a press conference at the award, how much the title means to her

“It’s such a rare indulgence to be able to talk about the thing you’re obsessed with—which in my case is movies—when you’re not promoting it or making one,”

The 10-time Teen Choice Awards winner continued

“It wasn’t my decision to be here, I was shocked that they called me; it’s an enormous opportunity to have a hand in highlighting beautiful things in a time where that’s hard to hold.”

Kristen Stewart Added

 “We’re living in the most reactive, emotionally whiplashed time. To sit and have a moment to digress and see what people have pumped out of their own bodies—that was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to.”

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