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14 Major Rules King Charles Has To Follow In His Coronation

14 Major Rules King Charles Has To Follow In His Coronation

King Charles has taken the throne of the England kingdom after his mother Queen Elizabeth Death. However, Charles has not officially become the king of the Kingdom because his coronation has not been done yet. The grand coronation ceremony for king and queen would be held on March 6, 8 months after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

The British Royal Family is Obsessed with rules, and they are surrounded by numerous strict protocols, which their Ancestors have been following for years. As we all know, everything needs the discipline to become successful, so how can the great kingdom run without any rules?

King Charles
Caption; King Charles III (Source: People)

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The three days wild Coronation ceremonies would be organized by obeying the ancient tradition and laws. There are numerous laws in the ceremony that the king has to follow but the major 14 rules are listed below.

14 Major Rules King Charles Has To Follow In His Coronation

  • King Charles has to walk up the aisle of Westminster Abbey, as the Royal would do in their marriage
  • The main part of the ceremony is the oath, which the king would be taken under laws. According to The House of Common website, “the words of the oath have constantly evolved to reflect changes to the territorial composition of the U.K. and the wider Commonwealth.”
  • The king has to sit on a 700-year-old chair where the Former King Edward had seated at his coronation. The ancient royal chair was made in 1300 and it has been used by every Sovereign since the 1600s. There would be no option for other chairs
Coronation Chair
Caption: Coronation Chair (Source: Cosmopolitan)
  • King has to wear ermine fur, however, it depends if the clothes fit him or not. If the cloth does not fit, the king might not have to wear that.
  • King Charles has to be anointed by the “coronation spoon.” It is part of the Crown Jewels.
Coronation Spoon
Caption: Coronation Spoon (Source: Cosmopolitan)
  • Before getting the crown, the king would wear a fabric hat which is really fancy.
  • The king would hold a luxurious scepter, which the former kings have been using for decades. The scepter is made out of an expensive orb.
  • Likewise, the king would be wearing a simple white gown and he would be covered by a canopy if he obeys the tradition properly.
Queen Elizabeth
Caption: Queen Elizabeth (Source: Cosmopolitan)
  • At the beginning of the Coronation, king Charles would meet on Buckingham Palace’s balcony, where all of the royal family members would join him.
  • Likewise, all princes and princesses would wear a special “coronet” during the ceremony which signifies their rank however, prince William would wear a little more fancy coronet than others as he is the heir.
  • On the coronation, Princess Kate, Princess Eugenie, Princess Charlotte, and Princess Beatrice would appear wearing velvet mantles and ermine trim over their dresses.
The British Royal Family
Caption: Queen Elizabeth Coronation (Source: Cosmopolitan)
  • In the ceremony, women are told to wear evening or afternoon dresses while men will be wearing morning dresses as in the previous coronation.
  • No one is allowed to wear hats but they can wear tiaras
  • King Charles would wear the official crown of the monarch which was last worn by the former king St. Edward’s Crown.
Monarch Crown
Caption: Monarch Crown (Source: Cosmopolitan)

The British Royal Family Member does not get to live a normal life as public, however, it has both advantages and disadvantages to be surrounded by strict rules. We all are surrounded by different laws and rules but The British Royal family’s rules are far strict than ours.

However, some of the rules have major meanings while others are just following the British ancient traditions. Royal Family has their own Book of law (Liber Regalis) which is written by their ancestors in 1308.

Prince Louis
Caption: The British Royal Family
(Source: People)

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