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Is Kendall Jenner Dating Bad Bunny: Online Controversies Started After Jenner Was Photographed Kissing Bunny

Is Kendall Jenner Dating Bad Bunny: Online Controversies Started After Jenner Was Photographed Kissing Bunny

Kendall Jenner Spotted Kissing And Hugging Bad Bunny In Los Angeles

Kendall Jenner has become very active in the media’s eyes after she started having affairs with Bad Bunny. The Kardashians star and Bad Bunny have been photographed several times going out together and had also been spotted kissing and hugging. After the photographs of them kissing took a place on the internet, her fans have lots of questions about her relationship with Bad Bunny.

The 27-year-old model was recently spotted Kissing Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny,29, in Los Angeles after a sushi date on Tuesday, March 7. The model made paparazzi official of her relationship by kissing the rapper in public while going on a date with him alongside her younger sister Kylie Jenner and her other mutual friends.

Kendall Jenner
Caption: Kendall Jenner Spotted Kissing Bad Bunny (Source: Page six)

The “Tití Me Preguntó” rapper and Model were first spotted Makig out in the Car at the Los Angeles club, in the photograph clicked by her paparazzi. After the picture, her fans started speculating about her affair with Bunny. However, the Model has not opened up about her relationship with the rapper in the media yet.

Kendall Jenner
Caption: Kendall Jenner And Bad Bunny Making Out at the Club in Los Angeles (Source: The Us Sun)

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In the Recent Picture of their date, the rapper appeared in casual clothing, wearing baggy clothes. He had worn comfortable cargo pants and a black bomber jacket in which a joker’s face was printed on the back. He had also put on a blue baseball cap backward to have the rapper vibes. On the other hand, Jenner was wearing a Long dark trench coat and a turtle neck sweater with leather pants, while her sister Kylie appeared wearing a whole black leather outfit.

Kendall Jenner Boyfriend
Caption: Kendall Jenner (Source: The Daily Mail)

The duo was previously seen going out with Justine and Hailey Biber a few weeks before the new date, which lead her fans to believe they are not just fooling around but might be having a serious romantic relationship. fans have started tweeting about their affairs. A Rapper’s Fan tweeted referring to his famous Puerto Rican song  “The Blackout”  saying

“Idc what celebrities date but dude who made a song like ‘El Apagón’ being with a chick that exploits Mexicans for her tequila brand is a f–king sell out,”

Moreover, people had started flooding comments on their pictures about their affairs making fun of them

“This gave me ick,”

“I just know she’s calling him ‘Ben.'”

“Speaking non-English,”

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