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Late Bill Russell had Spent Unsuccessful Married Life with three Wives; A Detail Information of late-Bill Russell Married Life

Late Bill Russell had Spent Unsuccessful Married Life with three Wives; A Detail Information of late-Bill Russell Married Life

Bill Russell, also known as William Felton Russell, was a basketball player from the United States. Bill Russell was 88 years old at the time of his death. He was born on February 12, 1934, in Monroe, Louisiana, United States, and died on July 31, 2022, on Mercer Island, Washington, United States.

Bill Russell has been married to three different ladies during the duration of his 88 years. Marilyn Nault (m. 1996-2009), Dorothy Anstett (m. 1977-1980), and Rose Swisher (m. 1956–1973) are their names.

Late Bill Russell’s Unsuccessful Married Life with three Wives

The 88-year-old Celtic legend has a colorful love life. He married three different ladies. Rose Swisher, Dorothy Anstett, and Marilyn Nault are their names, and the 11-time NBA champion married them in a respective order. They’ve all lately come to light as a result of his death.

Bill Russell
Caption: Bill Russell (Photo: Anadolu Agency)

Rose Fisher died on September 11, 2014. At the time, she was 78 years old. Rose and Bill Russell have three children. However, due to their developing emotional distance, they divorced in 1973. Karen, William, and Jacob Russell are the names of their three children.

The five-time MVP remarried four years after his first marriage ended in divorce in 1977. Dorothy Anstett was the victim this time. However, this marriage ended in three years, and he was single again by 1980. He quickly found love again. It was addressed to Marilyn Nault. They married in 1996 and remained so till she died in 2009.

Several people believe that these are the only ladies Mr. Russell married. However, there is another, and her name is Jeanie Russell. She is seldom recognized, and she has no children with the NBA icon. It’s a good thing he had someone at his side when he died. They recently married in a private ceremony.

Finding the proper spouse in life is challenging. Particularly if you live a long life. Mr. Russell has a large family and a large number of friends who are proud of him for his services to society.

Late Bill Russell’s Third Wife Marilyn Nault (1996-2009)

Bill Russell’s third wife was Marilyn Nault. Because Bill Russell and Marilyn Nault kept their relationship private from 1996 to 2009, little is known about their marriage.

Bill Russell
Caption: Bill Russell’s third wife Marilyn Nault (Photo: Sportskeeda)

Following her death in 2009, certain information about Marilyn Nault was disclosed in her obituary. Marilyn Nault Russell was born on January 15, 1950, in Concordia, Kansas. This makes her about sixteen years younger than Russell.

Nault began working as a jewelry salesperson after moving to Seattle after graduating from high school. During that time, she met Russell. The couple married only days after the NBA legend’s 66th birthday.

The two lived peacefully and regularly traveled for the following nine years until Nault’s unexpected death in 2009. Marilyn Nault Russell died of cancer just a few weeks before Russell’s birthday and their ninth wedding anniversary.

Russell claimed in an NBA interview that former NBA commissioner David Stern phoned Nault a few weeks before her death to notify her that the Finals MVP award will be named after her husband. Russell’s outlook on life changed after Nault died, and he remained unmarried for several years.

Late Bill Russell’s Second Wife Dorothy Anstett (1977-1980)

Bill Russell was married three times in his life, with Bill Russell’s second wife being Dorothy Anstett. In 1977, she married Bill Russell. They divorced three years later, in 1980. Bill and Dorothy did not have any children together.

Bill Russell
Caption: Bill Russell’s Second Wife Dorothy Anstett (Photo:

Dorothy Catherine Anstett was one of nine children born on June 28, 1947, to an aviation manufacturing worker. She studied English at the University of Washington before becoming famous as a beauty queen and pageant winner.

She competed in the Miss Washington pageant in 1967, a year before her notable triumph. After placing second the year before, she went on to win Miss Washington US the following year. In 1968, Paulette Reck of Baltimore, the incumbent Miss Maryland, lost to Dorothy for the title of Miss USA.

Dorothy, who measured 5’9″ and had measurements of 30-25-26, was considered the most curvaceous contender. Dorothy admitted that she had compared her figure to a string bean in eighth grade. Dorothy was still in college and working as a tutor for underprivileged children at the time of her triumph.

She represented the United States in the Miss Universe pageant in 1968, finishing as the fourth runner-up.

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Late Bill Russell’s First Wife Rose Swisher (1956-1973)

Bill’s first wife was Rose Swisher, although nothing is known about her personal life. She and Bill married on December 9, 1956, after meeting in college. Karen, William Jr., and Jacob were their three children. In 1973, the couple divorced. Swisher died on September 11, 2014, at the age of 78, according to Opoyi.

Bill Russell
Caption: Bill Russell’s First Wife Rose Swisher (Photo:

Late Bill Russell’s Children and Siblings

Bill Russell had three children: Karen, William Jr., and Jacob. Bill and his first wife, Rose Swisher, had three children. They were married from 1956 till 1973.

Russell’s daughter Karen is a legal and political expert as well as a blogger who was born on January 20, 1962. She has accomplished a lot in her life. Karen graduated from Harward Law School and has studied high-profile trials as well as national political topics.

She is still quite active and routinely appears on MSNBC and CNN, among other media channels. She’s also spoken out on high-profile incidents involving NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and Jayson Williams. She has done extensive activist work, and her essays have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, HuffPost, and several other outlets.

Bill Russell
Caption: Bill Russell with his son (Photo: FirstSportz)

Jacob H. Russell was born on July 6, 1959. The NBA legend’s youngest kid has not had a particularly prominent life, therefore there isn’t much information about him. He is said to live in Washington State with his wife Sara Marckx Russell.

William Felton Russell Jr, Bill Russell’s oldest son named after the 11-time NBA champion, died in 2016. He was born on November 2, 1957, and worked for Cox Trucking for many years.

Williams Jr. was attracted to trucks since he was a youngster, which is why he followed his dream of becoming a driver. William Felton Russell Jr., also known as “Buddha,” died of cancer after a valiant struggle. On January 25, 2016, he died quietly in his sleep.

Similarly, he was a sibling. Charlie L. Russell is Bill Russell’s brother. His most well-known work was the critically acclaimed play Five on the Black Hand Side, which was eventually made into a film. He died in 2013 after a battle with stomach cancer.

Faqs of Bill Russell

Was Bill Russell left-handed?

Bill Russell is one of the greatest of all time. And yet, because of his era, Russell makes for interesting trivia for the new generations of sports fans: While people will associate Russell with 11 NBA Titles and general excellence, few are aware that he is a lefty.

Who was Bill Russell First Wife?

Rose Swisher is Bill Russell’s First wife.

How Did Bill Russell get Famous?

Bill Russell is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

What Cause was Bill Russell’s Death?

Bill Russell died peacefully on July 31, 2022, with his wife, Jeannine, by his side, an announcement by his family confirms.