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Bert Kreischer and His Wife-LeeAnn Kreischer are Married Since 2003; Is Bert Kreischer still Married to his Wife As of 2023?

Bert Kreischer and His Wife-LeeAnn Kreischer are Married Since 2003; Is Bert Kreischer still Married to his Wife As of 2023?

Bert “The Machine” Kreischer has made a name for himself as a well-known comedian, and his professional career has flourished over the years. However, another aspect of his life brings him great joy: his wife and children. He is also a podcaster, host, and actor. He was born in the Florida city of Tampa. 

Bert Kreischer and His Wife-LeeAnn Kreischer are Married Since 2003

Bert and LeeAnn had met twice before they became a relationship. Surprisingly, she has no recollection of ever meeting Bert and believes it was simply any random person, despite the fact that witnesses insist it was him. All she remembers is that the first time she thought the guy was nasty, and the second time she thought he was unusual.

Fortunately, she recalls the third time they met when she was the one who was captivated by Bert. They went on a date soon after, and after a few dates, they were officially a couple. Bert, on the other hand, met with tragedy when she abandoned him early in their relationship. After the heartbreak, he admitted to sobbing and attending an AA meeting.

Bert Kreischer
Caption: Bert Kreischer with his wife and daughter (Photo: Instagram)

After a few days, Bert resorted to God to plead for his lady’s return, and after pledging to marry her, he returned home and found her at his house, eager to converse and salvage their relationship. The couple was able to save their love and married in December 2003.

On Dr. Drew After Dark podcast on September 6, 2019, LeeAnn and Bert remembered a humorous anecdote about their rough beginnings. Here’s what happened: Bert got into a dispute with one of LeeAnn’s friends, which escalated into a brawl with his ex-entire girlfriend’s circle of friends. Bert delivered flowers and handwritten apologies to all of LeeAnn’s friends after the incident. He also produced a mixtape for LeeAnn.

The couple welcomed their first daughter Georgia, who was born the year after their wedding. Ila, their second daughter, was born in 2006. LeeAnn manages to present a podcast called ‘Wife of the Party’ while juggling her husband’s travel schedule and her various obligations as a mother of two children (WOTP).

She does it not to pass the time, but to pursue it. The podcast has almost 200 episodes and frequently concentrates on the Kreischer family. LeeAnn has also appeared in an episode of Bert’s comedy cookery show, ‘Something’s Burning.’ They currently live in Los Angeles, California.

Is Bert Kreischer still Married to his Wife As of 2023?

Bert and LeeAnn both originate from the Southeastern United States, but they didn’t meet until they were both living in Los Angeles. Bert and LeeAnn have both admitted that they had a rough start.

Bert reportedly kept LeeAnn at a remove for a long time, claiming he didn’t want to define their relationship. That is until he and LeeAnn had a public spat early in their relationship.

Bert Kreischer
Caption: Bert Kreischer with his wife (Photo: Instagram)

Bert and LeeAnn discussed the incident on the podcast Dr. Drew After Dark. Bert reportedly went out to supper with LeeAnn and approximately five of her pals when they began discussing how a man hiked up LeeAnn’s skirt during an acting lesson.

Bert, who had been drinking, enraged the women when he expressed sympathy for the unknown man. Bert stated on the show that he is embarrassed by his attitude and would never act in that manner again.

According to reports, the comedian sent flowers and a letter of apologies to each of LeeAnn’s pals. When LeeAnn arrived at Bert’s residence to talk things over, she discovered him weeping in the shower. LeeAnn recognized how regretful he was after watching the heartbreaking scene, and she took him back.

Fortunately, they made it through the difficult period and married in 2003. LeeAnn and Bert discussed their compatibility with Dr. Drew After Dark.

LeeAnn apparently feels Bert keeps their life exciting. She also claims to prefer her alone time, thus his frequent travel is really beneficial to their relationship. Georgia and Ila, the couple’s two kids, presently reside in Los Angeles. They are still a great pair together.

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Bert Kreischer has Two Children

Bert Kreischer has two daughters. Georgia and Ila are their names. Bert frequently highlights his daughters’ habits in his jokes. He was even caught suggesting that his daughters have inherited his idiocy.

Bert Kreischer
Caption: Bert Kreischer’s two daughters (Photo: Instagram)

Ila Kreischer was born in Los Angeles, California in 2006. She is also a student and a well-known figure. She stands 4’8″ tall and weighs 52 kg. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue.

Georgia Kreischer is the eldest daughter, having been born in 2004. She is a student as well. She is 4’2″ tall and weighs about 35 kg. Georgia has lovely black eyes and blonde hair. She is currently enrolled in a private school in California. Blue is her favorite color.

The father of two also recounted his unconventional method of telling his children he loved them when he left them off at school. After they got out of the car, he would exclaim “I love you!” loudly. He did, however, keep it mild by giving them four kisses on the cheeks.

Bert is a family who is never afraid to express his love for his daughters and wants to spend as much time with them as possible. He even acknowledged always taking the first flight back home. “Even if I have three concerts on Sunday and finish at 3 a.m., I take the 6 a.m. flight back home,” he explained.

When asked about his fatherly regrets, he claimed he would be tormented by his choice to sign up for “Bert The Adventurer,” a Travel Channel show that kept him away from his kids for seven years. The comedian’s next film, “The Machine,” will be released soon. Sony will produce it, and it will star Mark Hamill.

Bert Kreischer
Caption: Bert Kreischer with his two daughters (Photo: Instagram)

Faqs of Bert Kreischer

How did Bert Kreischer get famous?

Bert Kreischer is famous for his shirtless stand-up comedy performances. He is also known for his storytelling; his most popular story is about how he purportedly obtained the nickname “The Machine”.

Does Bert Kreischer have a Girlfriend?

As of 2023, Bert Kreischer is not dating anyone.

Who is the wife of Bert Kreischer?

His wife’s name is LeeAnn.

Is Bert Kreischer religious?

Bert was raised in a devout Catholic household by his religious parents.

Is Bert Kreischer making a movie?

Bert Kreischer has not made a movie.