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Is American chef Antonia Lofaso Married? Antonia Lofaso’s Rapper Partner D. Heavy Died! ‘Top Chef’ Alum Shares a Daughter With his Late Partner!

Is American chef Antonia Lofaso Married? Antonia Lofaso’s Rapper Partner D. Heavy Died! ‘Top Chef’ Alum Shares a Daughter With his Late Partner!

Antonia Lofaso is an American chef who has participated in many reality television series, including Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Chopped, Restaurant Startup, and Food Network’s Guys Grocery Games. Antonia was engaged to her partner D. Heavy, a Jamaican music musician. Antonia Lofaso’s Rapper partner Heavy D died of a pulmonary embolism in 2011. Antonia Lofaso is the mother of one daughter, Xea Myers.

Who is Antonia Lofaso Partner?

Antonia Lofaso is not married but was engaged to her partner D. Heavy, a Jamaican rapper, and musician. He is none other than Dwight Arrington Myers, a well-known Jamaican-American rapper and music artist. Heavy D was his nickname. The couple welcomed a daughter called Xea Myers in 2000.

Heavy D became unwell and died in November 2011 as a consequence of a pulmonary embolism induced by deep vein thrombosis. Despite the loss of her husband, Antonia remained a strong single mother to her daughter.

Antonia Lofaso
Caption: Antonia Lofaso’s late partner Heavy D and daughter Xea Myers (Photo: Instagram)

Dwight Arrington Myers was born in Mandeville, Jamaica on May 24, 167. He and his parents relocated to Mount Vernon, New York. In the late 1980s, he began his rapping career with a group named “Heavy D” and the “Boyz.” The group first signed with Uptown Records, with Big D as the vocalist and rapper.

Their debut album, “Living Large”, was a commercial triumph, and it was followed by “Big Tyme”, which was also a blockbuster. Following the loss of founding member Trouble T. Roy in 1990, they produced another album, “Peaceful Journey”, which became a platinum smash.

Heavy collaborated with famous stars like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and others during his lengthy career. He also performed the theme music for In Living Color and MADtv. Many people are unaware that it was Myers who convinced Uptown Records CEO Andre Harrel to recruit Puff Diddy for his debut.

Antonia Lofaso’s Rapper Partner Died of a Pulmonary Embolism

On November 8, 2011, the veteran rapper Heavy D died suddenly at the age of 44. He was first thought to have died of pneumonia, but it was subsequently discovered that he had died of a pulmonary embolism.

According to the coroner, his premature death occurred when a deep vein in his leg ruptured. This was caused by Heavy’s lengthy airline travel. In addition, he was suffering from heart trouble.

Antonia Lofaso
Caption: Antonia Lofaso’s partner Heavy D (Photo: Distractify)

Many notable personalities in the rap business paid respect to the late rapper after his death. His funeral was placed at the Grace Baptist Church in his hometown of Mount Vernon, New York. It was a star-studded affair, with several industry heavyweights in attendance.

Many of Heavy’s industry buddies were present, including Jay Z, Puff Diddy, Usher, Al Sharpton, Queen Latifah, Don King, and others. Furthermore, the Obamas sent their profound sympathies to the bereaved family. Reverend Al Sharpton read their message.

Who is Antonia Lofaso Daughter?

Antonia Lofaso is the mother of one daughter, Xea Myers. She was born in the United States on February 25, 2000, to chef Antonia Lofaso and rapper Heavy D. She is of mixed ethnicity. She is African-Jamaican on her father’s side and Italian on her mother’s side.

Xea was raised in Los Angeles, where she also completed her official schooling. She attended Marymount High School. She enrolled in college after graduating from high school. When Xea was accepted to college, her mother announced the news on her social media account, expressing her pride but also feeling sorry that her daughter is leaving the home.

Antonia Lofaso
Caption: Antonia Lofaso with her daughter Xea Myers (Photo: Instagram)

The 23-year-old is also active on Instagram, where she shares personal updates with her followers. On her father’s birthday, she shared a series of images of the rapper with the caption,

“You always said, ‘Greatness is not a measure of how great you are but how great others came to be because of you.’ I am great because of you. Happy Birthday, Papa.”

She also looks to be following in her father’s footsteps, as her mother announced on Instagram that Myers was releasing a song she composed and produced on Spotify. It appears that ability runs in the family.

Who is Antonia Lofaso Currently Dating? Past Relationship

Antonia Lofaso is not dating anyone as of 2023. Antonia Lofaso is presently unattached. On November 23, 1976, the American Chef was born in New York. Chef who rose to prominence after appearing in the fourth season of Bravo’s Top Chef. She later appeared in Top Chef: All Stars and the spin-off Top Chef Duels.

She had at least one prior relationship. Antonia Lofaso has never been married before. Antonia has been in a relationship with Heavy D. Jamaican rapper, and musician. The couple welcomed a daughter called Xea Myers.

Antonia Lofasos’s dating history has been the subject of several online speculations. While determining who is dating Antonia Lofaso is rather straightforward, keeping track of all her flings, hookups, and breakups is more difficult.

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Faqs of Antonia Lofaso

What is Antonia Lofaso’s Ethnicity?

Antonia by her Italian-American heritage, Lofaso opened Scopa – Italian Roots in 2013, which was immediately well received. Antonia’s interpretation of old-school Italian is hailed as one of the most compelling restaurants for Italian cooking in Los Angeles.

Who is Antonia Lofaso’s Daughter?

Xea Myers is her daughter.

Was Antonia Lofaso on Top Chef?

Lofaso was a participant in season four of the competition series “Top Chef,” also known as “Top Chef: Chicago,” in 2008, and finished fourth. She finished third in season eight of Top Chef, renamed Top Chef: All-Stars, from 2010 to 2011.

Are Mike and Antonia related?

On this week’s edition of Top Chef Duels, there was always going to be a winner, but with the series reuniting its resident kissing cousins, Mike Isabella, and Antonia Lofaso, in an Italian family-style dollars, there was also going to be some familial baci before the end credits rolled.

Who is Antonia Lofaso?

Antonia Lofaso is an American celebrity chef and restaurateur.