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6 Signs When You Should Take A Break From Social Media: Expert Opinion On Mental Health Struggle

6 Signs When You Should Take A Break From Social Media: Expert Opinion On Mental Health Struggle

Social Media plays a vital role in this modern Generation, it has become a part of our life. Social media provides every single piece of news from every single field, from business, education, research, and politics to Entertainment, and celebrities. It provides millions of trending news from worldwide at a very cheap cost.

Social media has made our daily life convenient however, it can also make our life miserable if we don’t use it in a good amount. excessive use of Social media can lead us to mental health struggles like anxiety depression, and sadness. Many youngsters who are between the age of 16 to 30 suffered from depression and sadness, and one of the reasons for their depression is social media.

We are in a very competitive generation where one wants to achieve something to show another and all this process of achievements and failures is being shown on social media. Moreover, social media also plays a huge role in spreading controversies and rumors about someone’s life.

social media
Mental Health Struggle Due To Social Media (Source: Vary Well Family)

Social Media is where the whole world feels like a small community and it also helps to share each other’s culture and learn their religion. But, people start criticizing themselves by looking at others’ lifestyles and achievements on social media, which makes a negative impact on their minds. Due to this reason, they start demotivating themself and criticize their talents and personality, which is the main reason for sadness and depression.

Many mental health experts have claimed social media to be the biggest reason for every youngster’s depression and anxiety, where people forget to live in the present by getting lost in looking at other’s lifestyles and careers. Many celebrities and other people decide to take a break from social media for the sake of their mental health and also claim to feel freer and more peaceful after starting to focus on themselves rather than others.

Comparing themself with others is the major reason for every failure and mental health issue, and social media is where all people show off their lifestyle and achievements. According to some mental health experts, we should take a break from social media if we find ourselves doing these 6 unhealthy behaviors.

When You Start Comparing Yourself With Others Too Much

The main reason for low self-esteem is comparing ourselves to others.  Dr. Shahla Modir says “FOMO (the fear of missing out) can trigger feelings of anxiety,” Modir added “The highlights people present are interpreted as their real-life, not their ‘reel life.’ If users are spending too much time online on social media sites, it can be difficult to keep perspective on what real life is.”

When You Are Compulsively Using Your Phone

According to Modir checking your phone frequently is also a warning sign to take some rest from social media. She explained “notifications and messages every hour in a way that affects your engagements, occupation or social relationships. Likes’ can be very addictive, causing a dopamine hit to the brain of feel-good chemicals that reinforce like-seeking behavior and compulsive checking,”

If Your Real Life-interaction Are Suffering 

People start feeling confident to interact with friends and family via social media rather than in person due to the reason they start losing the connection between these people. Modir explains this by saying

“decreased social interaction with friends and family in favor of social media engagement” or people in your life have “complained about your social media usage interfering with social interaction.”

Another mental health expert Ostach says “another indicator is if your interactions start to rely on social media, including finding yourself “recycling news headlines in your conversations. That often sounds like, ‘Today on Facebook I read,’ or ‘Today on Instagram I saw. It’s almost endangering our ability to think for ourselves and just develop our own casual, organic conversations.”

social media
Mental Health Struggle Due To Social Media (Source: Healthy Place)

When Your Phone Becomes The Last And First Thing You Touch Before Going To Bed And After Waking Up

Checking your phone frequently after waking up or before going to bed can make a huge impact on your day if you find something either good or bad news on social media. Ostach says

“When you wake up worried about what you saw on social media the night before. This is often linked to late-night “doom scrolling, a horrible habit that often leads to night terrors or an unrestful night’s sleep.”

When You Start Demotivating Yourself By Comparing To Others

Lots of people criticize themself and their talent by looking at other famous people and celebrities. They compare themself with others’ beauty and talent without trying to know themself first. A licensed clinical professor counselor Jermaine Graves says “it’s time to take a break when social media causes someone to view themselves in a negative light, causing feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, or depression.”

When You Start  feeling  Increasingly Anxious, Depressed, Or Lonely Using Social Media

Many people try to escape from sadness by keeping their minds busy using social media, which makes them feel more exhausted and depressed. Dr. Shahla Modir says

“Social media can trigger competitive feelings, which cause anxiety in the user, leaving them to feel like they need to keep up to meet the social expectations of the people they follow, which may be unrealistic and based on fantasy,”

Mental Health Struggle
Mental Health Struggle Due To Social Media

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