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5 Major Rules King Charles Is Going to Break In His Coronations: ‘Won’t Wear Silk Stockings And Breeches’

5 Major Rules King Charles Is Going to Break In His Coronations: ‘Won’t Wear Silk Stockings And Breeches’

King Charles Has Confirmed Making Some Traditional Changes In His Wild Coronation, Some Ancient Traditions And Rules Will Be Broken By The King. 

According to the Buchikngham Place Announcement, The three days Coronation ceremonies will be followed differently by Charles King while making some major changes to the British Ancient traditions.

King Charles Became the Monarch of England after his Mother Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022. However, the king’s official coronations have not been done yet but have been confirmed to do the ceremony on Saturday, May 6, 2023, as of Buchikngham Place. Charles III and Camilla’s three-day coronation ceremonies will be full of pomp and happiness where all the people from the Kingdom will be gathered together to share happiness.

King Charles
Caption: King Charles Coronation (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Moreover, a grand concert will be held on Coronation happiness, where the world’s No. 1, entertainers will come to give performances. There will be a public ballot for tickets to allow several members of the public to join the concert and also neighbors and communities are also encouraged to come together to share food as well as happiness.

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However, The ceremony is not only about happiness and Joy it is a huge responsibility and also an ancient tradition that has to be followed carefully. As the Coronation is going to be huge so there will be also strict rules and Regulations which the king has to follow.

As we know that British family is surrounded by huge protocols, and they have their own book of law called Liber Regalis, which was written in 1308. The rules written in the book are followed by the British ancient from a long time, however, there have been some changes over the years due to modernity. Likewise, King Charles’s Coronation will be different and more Modern than Queen Elizabeth’s coronation back in 1953.

The Major 5 Ancient Traditions That King Charles Has Rufuse To Follow

  1. Buckingham Place has announced that The new king Charles will not be wearing the silk stockings and breeches, which have been worn by the former kings in their Coronations. According to senior aides, the breaches look too outdated. Instead of that, the king would wear military uniforms.
  2. Another Rule which has been changed is that Dukes do not need to kneel and swear allegiance. But, Prince William might follow the tradition and do the same as they have been always doing, The Sun claimed.
  3. Likewise, another change in fashion or clothing is that peers are allowed to wear lounge suits instead of ceremonial robes, the daily Mail confirmed.
  4. Charles made huge changes while confirming he won’t be presented with a bunch of gold bars, which is probably for the best.
  5. The last change he will do on his coronation is that the velvet chair would not be provided for the guest, which might be a little uncomfortable for the guest.

These are the 5 rules that the new king Charles had confirmed to change in his Coronations if there will be more changes in the rules we will notice and update them soon.

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